The Mindful Peanut
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Things I use:

All of the items listed below are things that I use in my daily life and that I would recommend to a dear friend anytime. 


The 4-Hour Workweek. An inspiring and motivating book that I can only recommend! With lots of useful Tips and worksheets that were really helpful to me!

How not to Die. The classical for every vegan, vegetarian and people who just want to know what's going on. A Must Read!

French Press Coffee. The best in the World!

Vitamix 5200. I don't think it could get much more advanced than this. If you are tired of cheap blenders that leave pieces in your smoothies - This is the way to go!

A good Blender. If a Vitamix is out of your financial range this one has always worked great for me! Even for Banana Icecream. If you want your stuff smoother though, you should save up for the more expensive version ;)

My Dehyrator.  Not too expensive and works like a champ for making veggie or fruit chips! :) 


Sports Equipment

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My Weights. I am not a gym member so I work my muscles at home! Those are perfect for beginners as well as advanced lifters since you can easily adjust the weights from 1 kg each to more than 15 kg if you want!

One of my Yoga Mats. My other one is very soft and I kept slipping away. This one is very flat and robust so I can do Yoga, Weightlifting and Cardio Exercises without slipping or over-stretching the mat. Couldn't be happier :)

Yoga Pants. Comfortable and cool looking Yoga Pants. Just watch out with the sizes - I bought XS and they are still quite long on me ( I am 156 cm small :) )

Fitness Tracker Watch. Love it! It tracks your steps, calories, heart rate and many more and can be used in water as well!